domingo, 16 de outubro de 2011

Nova York e as suas novidades de sempre!

Overdose the past couple of weeks we’ve been working with Anne Huntington of AMH Industries on a really unique art exhibit called MIRRORS by MOZA. Designer Christian Cota, the sisters behind Anndra Neen, Alexa Rodulfo and 200 other guests attended the September 22nd opening in New York’s meatpacking district. The artist, Moza Saracho, has been a set-designer with the Coen Brother’s (No Country for Old Men) and the Mirrors by Moza exhibit is her first foray into the world as contemporary artist. The large-mirrored sculptures in Moza’s exhibit are an introduction into the way she sees the world; the five parts reflecting on truth, destiny, vanity, existence and moments. During the event, guests sipped champagne as they gazed at themselves through massive hand-held mirrors in confetti colors, a wall of “Polaroid’s” the size of flat screens and combs that spanned across brick walls.

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