sábado, 5 de maio de 2012

Agora quando vc viajar, vai poder trazer na mala o cheiro da cidade visitada! Que tal?

Early morning in the Tuileries Garden. The soft air is filled with the charming scent of white flowers and green crispy leaves. In a ray of morning sun, you silently walk under the lime trees and delight in the soothing trail of the rose garden. You look up to the Palais du Louvre glistening under the first sunbeams, behind you the Champs Elysée. All the magic of Paris.

A lovely sunny day in the Big Apple City. The air is filled with the scents of lilac and rose from the vast and majestic Central Park. You are walking along Times Square under the mild and fresh breeze from New York harbour. Enjoy this modern, crisp and invigorating fragrance with sparkling and sourish notes of apple.
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J. disse...

amooo isso, que ideia genial. eu tenho fortíssimas lembranças estimuladas pela memória olfativa.